PM comprehensively manages projects from the planning of development projects and the design stage to the placement of orders, construction and maintenance on behalf of the land owner, contractor and association.
In other words, we not only use the result of the feasibility study in the planning stage to present the optimal direction of the development project, but also provide more differentiated services ranging from marketing, financing and design to sale and construction.
Accordingly, we not only enable the project owner to generate maximum profits within the budget, but also provide the benefits of reduced project costs, shorter construction periods and improved quality by having experts in various areas comprehensively manage the entire processes of the project.

Benefits of PM
- Maximizing project owners' profits by establishing and implementing an integrated project management system in the early stage of the development project, and thus efficiently managing the project
- Streamlining the organization of the project owner and effectively managing risks on behalf of the project owner
- Reducing redundant work by playing the role of a mediator between various parties involved in the project on behalf of the project owner from the early stage of the project, and coordinating the interests of parties concerned, and consistently carrying out the project to maximize the profits of the project owner
- Effectively managing the three elements, i.e. construction period (time), budget (cost) and quality, in a balanced way
- Reducing project costs by introducing the VE (Value Engineering) technique in all stages of the project

Business areas
- Real-estate development projects
Residential facilities like apartments and mixed-used buildings, offices, officetels, and retail facilities like shopping districts and shopping centers Entertainment complex facilities like condominiums, resorts and golf courses

- SOC development projects
Urban development, enterprise cities, innovation cities, development of complexes including relocation of public institutions, private-public joint development SOC (BTL, BOT, BTO, etc.) projects

- Redevelopment, reconstruction and remodeling projects
Urban environment improvement projects (urban regeneration projects) Apartment redevelopment, apartment reconstruction and mixed-use building remodeling projects