Urban Design

We introduced the concept of environment-friendly urban development for the development and preservation of the national land, and capitalize on our plenty of experience and ideas to carry out urban development projects, establish district unit plans and conduct urban regeneration.

We are responsible for local development by carrying out redevelopment projects for promoting balanced development between regions by developing the underdeveloped districts in cities, and carrying out global digital media projects like the Digital Media City, and for the development of Korea by carrying out projects for transforming Korea into the business hub of Northeast Asia in a comprehensive and future-oriented way.

Conceptual design
It refers to rationally rearranging the huge lots of a city with a long term view called the master plan. This rearrangement determines future development plans, and ensures balanced development of the city.

Schematic design
District unit planning presents the future images of the district unit planning zone and surrounding areas and represents them in concrete terms in consideration of the changes that will take place in the next 10 years or so after the plan is established. It sets clear objectives, e.g. improvement, management and preservation of the old sections of the city, or development of a new town, installs urban infrastructure according to the objectives, makes plans for different segments, e.g. presenting building standards, and provides plans with varying details.

Design development
It is an urban development project to improve the quality of life by developing underdeveloped areas of the city and reconstructing old buildings. U-LI Changwoo Architecture & Engineering participates in leading redevelopment and reconstruction projects in Seoul and many other cities.

Detailed Design
Detail design phase refines the drawing and specification from the design development to ensure construction is made possible. This process completes the blueprints required for construction which includes structure engineering and many other aspects. Based on the information stated, construction schedules, specifications and estimated construction price gets provided.