Architectural Design

ADP(Adanced Design Precess) technique is applied to optimize the client's business intention and planning ability in design plan which brings a whole new environment in selecting the best design and adopting value engineering throughout the entire process.


Conceptual design
During the conceptual design phase, the overall direction of the project is determined in accordance with the scale, feasibility and nature of the design. With the feasibility review during the planning stage combined with the client's requirement the best possible design is made during this phase.

Schematic design
During the preliminary design phase, features such as scale and form of the project get decided under the client's consent. The basics of the project will be shared between the client and the architect during this phase through models and computer graphic images.

Design development
This development process reflects the fundamentals determined from the preliminary design phase into the detailed design. During the design development phase, civil engineering, structures and other elements necessary for project drawing and specification gets prepared.

Detailed Design
Detail design phase refines the drawing and specification from the design development to ensure construction is made possible. This process completes the blueprints required for construction which includes structure engineering and many other aspects. Based on the information stated, construction schedules, specifications and estimated construction price gets provided.